What is the true meaning of the sun shining through the clouds?



On certain days here in the valley I live in, we have heavy clouds with the sun peaking through them. Imagine what lies inside the clouds? Is it actually just a natural weather science, or is it something a bit deeper than that? Maybe it is a loved one we have lost, using an advantage to descend from heaven and rest gently above us on a cloud and peak through the clouds to look down on us and watch our lives; as if they were still here. Possibly, that is the closest they can get to us without actually being here. If you ever sit back and watch this phenomena, notice how the sun shines through the cloud and directly onto a particular object (such as a house, car, building, etc.) . I believe it is a good possibility that we are just being watched by the ones we have lost because, just like our curiosity of their spirit living on in an unknown place, they are wondering about us too.


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