If reflections didn’t exist


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I’m sitting here and pondering this thought in my mind; What if mirrors, glass windows or any other sort of reflective surface never existed? How bizarre would it be to go your entire life never knowing what you looked like. Imagine going your whole entire life not ever taking a picture and virtually never seeing what you actually appeared to be. Walking around every single day looking and studying other humans faces, wondering (just like them) what your face looked like. Sure, you can feel the shape of your nose and the depth of your cheek bones; But not knowing the color of your eyes or the possibility of freckles sprinkled on your nose? Based on a day and age where everything a human says or does truly comes down to the superficial. Women are trying more and more each day to perfect their skin (complexion, tone, blemishes, etc.), eye brows, make up, eye lashes, colored eye contacts, lip inductions, etc. , when in reality the clock never stops. Looks do not last. Wisdom lasts. Love lasts. Time will eventually take a toll, and these now-beautiful on the outside women will become leathery skinned and saggy. I believe it is important to learn as much as you can, bury your face in a book instead of a make up brush; look into the eyes of a child, find your reflection in their eyes, not a mirror. In this fast-paced, deteriorating day and age, EVERY person (not just women) shouldn’t judge ANYBODY based on what they appear to look like including; their clothes, hairstyle, piercings/tattoos, weight, skin color, eye color or any other detail that can be critiqued. So, ultimately, would the human race be any different? If technology had never bloomed and there was no way to recognize yourself, would there be less pressure on anybody to try and fit in and look a certain way? Just picking my brain.


Article By: Caitlin Thompson



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